Apple’s 5 Steps of Customer Service: The Perfect Customer Service Model

Jun 09

Apple is a leading smartphone manufacturer. The iPhones are milestones of constant development and innovations. The company pays extra attention to details, such as different features and ideas. But there is one factor that makes Apple a winner; I am talking about the services.

Apple has a budget specially for providing excellent services to the customer. A month back, my IPhone 6S started giving me problems, it wasn’t unlocking in a desired way, and hanged so much. I walked in their service center and the staff greeted me pleasantly. They listen to my problem, and ensured a solution. But that would take a whole day; I didn’t have that kind of a time, so they gave me a spare phone to use. I mean, how great is that? And next day guess what? I had my phone working completely fine. I found their service par with excellence, as they had given me a solution to a problem, and consolidation also. I have found that Apple’s service is impeccable due to these 5 steps. Apple customer service model contains everything from greeting to a solution with a smile. Let’s look at them 5 factors.


A Warm Welcome

As I stepped inside the service center, they greeted me with a smile and firmly asked me to sit. I sat, and their one of the executive sat across the table, in front of me and asked what’s the problem Sir? Even I didn’t start talking about it, I already knew that they’re going to help me well, and find a solution as soon as possible. That I sensed from the way they welcomed me. It is an art, that winning customer’s hart is the only way to get into his wallet. I haven’t book an appointment, but they visited me in no less time, without any problem. I just sat and talked about the problem.

Understanding The Situation

All the employees were really enthusiastic, and greeted me well. The guy, who asked me the problem, was really listening to it, and going through my phone side by side. Though he was multitasking, but he never ignored me, his full concentration was on the things I was saying. Then he presented a solution of leaving the phone with him, as it would need software installation once again, which would take some time. So he presented me the solution of giving me a spare phone, and said that h would rectify the problem with my phone in the meantime; which would take a whole day. They asked me to collect my phone next morning.

Giving An Instant Solution

Though my phone had some major software issues, but once I got my friends iPod repaired in an hour. They try to present the solution that would take minimum amount of time. The employees will try that you can take your device home today only. And I think that’s the best think every service center can ever do.

Listening To Concerns And Where Abouts

Being understood is an underrated pleasure, and guess what? Apple employees are great listeners. They will listen to your concerns, will come up with a solution, then listen to your problems again, try to identify that the solution is going with the problem, and then will do their work.

A Warm Thank You

They provided me replacement phone and wiped all the previous user data in front of me. They also set my phone according to my commands, and at the end, handed me, with a warm thank you. They promised me that they would call me to pick up my phone from the service center, once it is ready. The best part of the apple service model is the satisfaction of being served well.

These five steps makes Apple’s service model perfect and I would definitely recommend an apple device, not only for the features, but also, for the after service they provide. I think they have set an example for rest of the smartphone companies that your customer is your true asset.

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